With Fintegri, you no longer are required to build a team to earn income. Your opportunity to passively earn Bitcoin has arrived. With the goal of helping individuals worldwide achieve their financial goals, Fintegri’s affiliate program focuses on cryptocurrency along with products and services that are used on a daily basis.


Fintegri provides a range of opportunities for both affiliates and non-affiliates alike that allow you to earn daily income. With access to our word class products and services, along with our trading platform that will launch during the first quarter of 2019, you will have all to tools needed to run a profitable home-based business and earn passive income.

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Why Fintegri?

Fintegri is creating a global financial ecosystem that will simplify the use of cryptocurrency in daily life. Our platform will allow businesses and consumers to easily conduct deals, trade, and exchange goods and services worldwide.


We are a global corporation doing business in 50+ countries and expanding

Earn Bitcoin

Earn passive bitcoin daily without having to build. Earn more by contributing to future profits while receiving bonuses and rewards.

Products and Services

We have launched products and services that are benefiting individuals’ lifestyles worldwide.

Giving Back

One of our core values is to help disadvantaged people throughout the world. We have set aside a percentage of our profits to accomplish this through our foundations.


Strong leadership is essential for our success. The corporate staff has over 300 years of industry experience and leadership.


We provide cutting edge training in various technologies from global industry leaders.


We provide an exclusive cryptocurrency trading system,
designed by innovators, optimized by experts, and working for its community.

Exchange Platform

The Fintegri Exchange offers everyone the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

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Card Pre-Register

Users of the Fintegri Prepaid Debit Card will be able to order a traditional Mastercard or Visa to spend Fintegri coins directly via the card and make any purchases in 100+ countries.

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Corporate Team

John Rock


Rock is a proven business leader throughout Canada, USA, United Kingdom, and Europe in multiple industries.

During his 39 year MLM industry career Rock has built massive organization throughout the world.

John has held numerous top level positions with several major MLM companies, including President, VP of Operations, Chief Compliance Officer, International Expansion Coordinator, and Compliance Consultant.

Many of Rock’s MLM clients have appointed him to their Board of Directors.

John and his wife Petra live in Ontario, Canada and have a blended family consisting of 6 fantastic children and 5 wonderful grandchildren.

Brian Downes


Brian is an entrepreneur at heart with years of experience starting and developing many successful businesses and projects in the exercise physiology, sports, and event management industries.